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Striving for excellence is a fundamental principle that we follow when we create our boats. There are many passionate and experienced anglers in our team. Together we defined the qualities which are essential for an aluminum fishing motorboats to be ideal for fishing and recreation. First of all, it is seaworthiness allowing to quickly and comfortably reach the place of fishing or picnic. The excess hull strength of the aluminum boats will make you feel comfortable with any wave and will not cause any trouble in operation. The well-conceived inner space will allow keeping all the stuffs and baits in convenient places while the boat’s flotation ability in critical situations will bring the feeling of confidence and security.


and Stability

Fishing under any weather conditions is our concept of seaworthiness! To move comfortably at high speed under heavy wind and wave you just need to make a hull which is not too wide and has a deep V. However, such a boat will be too cranky during the moorage. Walking and fishing on it will not be comfortable. Making a boat wider and with a smaller dead rise will mean that it will lose good part of its seaworthiness. Years of experience of our designers allowed to find a compromise solution and create a fishing boat both stable and seaworthy.

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Exclusive Strength
and Endurance

Boat’s durability and long-lasting performance first and foremost rely upon the strength of the structural framework. This is the most complex and most expensive structural feature of the aluminum boat. Nevertheless, we do not save on what is hidden under the finishing of our boats because we are certain that the time works to our credit. We confidently commit and provide each Finval customer with a 10-year warranty on the aluminum hull of the boat, regardless of model.

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and Comfort

Each new Finval motor boat model is an embodiment of our dream where each square centimeter is well-planned and has its own purpose. Finval comfort formula may be divided into three elements:
– experience of the best European anglers and fishing experts;
– original and smart configuration of the boat;
– only high quality materials and workmanship

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And Flotation

Safety and flotation of Finval aluminum motor boats is ensured by filling all the hulls with high-quality two-component closed-cell foam. It helps to prevent water absorption which is of great importance when operating in a humid environment. To make sure that the boat does not lose its stability in the semi-submerged state, the buoyancy blocks are placed as close to the boards as possible and in such a manner so to exclude the possibility of trim difference on both the stern and the bow.

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